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   International Snowmobile Hall of Fame:    Elmer Cone of Lawrence Lake Township and secretary of the Itasca County Snowmobile Alliance was master of ceremonies at the 20th Annual Landowner and Volunteer Recognition Dinner.



          Every new year volunteers are honored, and inducted into the Hall of Fame. This years inductees were:

  • Dale G Vagts – Volunteer and program developer, IA
    Dale has devoted 40 years towards snowmobiling from holding officer positions for his local club, State organizations, to serving on International Boards. He co-designed an insurance program specifically for snowmobilers.
  • Elmer Wm. Cone – Volunteer and club organizer, MN
    Elmer has been involved with snowmobiling for over 40 years. He has held officer positions for local clubs, founded/co-founded the Itasca County Park & Recreation Commission, Blandin Trail Task Force, and the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame. His knowledge of snowmobiling from the ground person clearing trails to organizing skills has helped him inspire people world wide.

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