To The North Pole


   Ralph S. Plaisted, an insurance salesman turned explorer who in 1968 led the first expedition that indisputably reached the North Pole over the ice. Traveling by snowmobile, Plaisted and three other men reached the North Pole on April 19, 1968. An Air Force weather plane verified their position a day later and gave them a lift back.

The 1909 attempt to reach the North Pole by explorer Robert Peary, long credited as the first to make it there, was never validated by anyone outside Peary’s party.

In a 1988 Associated Press interview, Plaisted said Peary was a great navigator, but his own difficulties in the Arctic, including a failed attempt in 1967, had convinced him that Peary’s claim was only wishful thinking.

This trip to the North Pole was the first one and these men went by Ski doo snowmobiles. Thanks to Walt Pederson giving Hetteens Video permission to sell this wonderful DVD.



Two exciting documentaries:

1.)  Destination North Pole 1967

2.) The Frozen Desert 1968

The Plaisted Polar Expedition was confirmed by the U.S. Air Force as the first undisputed trek across land and sea ice to reach the North Pole.