Not Just Enough to Finish & Winners


Two vintage movies on one DVD.



People asked for more RACING! Here you go. These 2 have nothing but racing!

Not Just Enough To Finish
The most coveted prize in cross country racing was first place in the Winnipeg to St. Paul I-500. This grueling course tested mettle and machine as participants braved sub zero temperatures and blizzard conditions. Witness action from the first race in 1966 and 1975 as determined drivers clear approaches and launch their hopes in a quest for the ultimate glory.

Spectators jammed the stands to cheer for their favorite racers on the oval track. Glimpse Eastman, Trapp, Adema, Thompson, Lofton and Ferland charging into the corners as they pursue the checkered flag. View some of the best mishaps and bone jarring spills captured on film. Coltom talks about what it takes to win and Boss Cat II sets a speed record at West Yellowstone.

Total run time: 31:00