Edgar Hetteen Picture of Trip to Alaska in 1960


This famous picture is a 8×10 black and white photo in a lookalike wooden frame taken in Alaska in 1960 of Edgar Hetteen before he and his team made the trip on snowmobiles. Edgar Hetteen decided to show everyone: in a long-celebrated long journey in 1960, he and three others took the Sno-Travelers on a 1,200-mile trek in Alaska, from Bethel to Fairbanks, in three weeks. It proved snowmobiles were reliable enough to replace dog sleds.

Best picture of after the trip was completed. Own this picture!!!!




Famous picture taken in 1960 about trip to Alaska by Edgar Hetteen to promote snowmobiling.

  • 8×10 Photo in a lookalike wooden frame 1 inch wide in addition to the picture, glass covering the picture inside the frame. Sale from 1/24/2024 til 4/24/2024