Box of 30 “Breaking Trail” Books


“To look inside the life of Edgar Hetteen, as traced in this remarkable autobiography, is to glimpse the transcendent nature of a true visionary.” C. J. Ramsted, publisher, Minnesota Snowmobiling

“Every snowmobiler, whether a history buff will be drawn into this book and the fascinating journey it recalls.”      John T. Prusak, editor, Snow Goer

“In writing this book we are left with many people to thank.” Edgar Hetteen and Jay Lemke

His story is one that warms the human spirit, that proves little is impossible for those who believe in themselves.  But in the end, finally it is about the enduring faith of a man who never gave up.



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Breaking Trail is the story of Edgar Hetteen’s career – the extraordinary success story of an entrepreneur who never gave up. These are hard copy books……………30 books in a box-$8.00 each-